Why Mulch Matters

19 Jul Why Mulch Matters

Why Mulch Matters

Often times we use mulch as a simple polishing device to add aesthetic value to a landscape.  There are however numerous benefits from the application of mulch.  So, lets look at why mulch matters.  Applying mulch to soil can benefit the environment in a number of ways. It helps preserve and protect the topsoil from climactic stress. It also traps moisture for vegetation root systems. So here is a brief article on mulch, where it comes from and why it matters.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is material that is applied to the surface of the soil. It is made out of decaying compost, grass clippings, shredded leaves, wood chips, cardboard, bark or leaves. Mulch can be applied around existing plants or bare soil. The appearance, cost, the rate of decomposition and availability are some of the things that people take into consideration when they are choosing mulch.

Why Is Mulch Necessary For The Environment?

There are many ways that people can benefit from using mulch. Below are some of the ways that mulch can help protect the environment:

Retain Moisture

Mulch can help prevent water from evaporating. This can help protect your plants even during the wet and dry seasons. Not only can mulch prevent your plants from losing moisture, but it can also help you cut the costs of your water bill. You may not have to water your plants as much.

Control The Growth Of Weeds

Weeds can ruin a beautiful garden. However, you can limit the growth of weeds by using mulch. Mulch reduces the sunlight that reaches the weeds. If weeds do not get any sunlight, then they will eventually die. While mulch probably will not completely stop the growth of weeds, the ones that do grow will be a lot easier for you to pull.

Improves The Quality Of Your Soil

Mulch helps break up clay and makes it easier for water and air to move in the soil. This will help improve the quality of your soil. Mulch also provides your soil with essential nutrients.  If you are a gardener, then you definitely want to have some earthworms your garden. Earthworms help improve the structure of your soil. They can also help promote nutrient cycling.

Helps Prevent Soil Erosion

Erosion occurs when a part of the earth is worn away by winds, water, waves and glaciers. Mulch not only helps your soil retain moisture, but it can also reduce the chances of erosion occurring. Mulch can help break the fall of water, which will lessen the force of the water when it hits the soil.

Acts As An Insulator

Excessive heat can cause serious damage to your plants. Mulch insulates the top layer of your soil. This will help your soil stay cooler during the summer months.  You can give your garden a polished look with mulch. It is also easier to maintain mulch.

We can help you reach your mulch goals – from the aesthetic to the environmental goals – it all works together for good.  When bulk deliveries are in store contact Same Day Aggregates for great pricing and top shelf delivery.