What is Halite

28 Dec What is Halite

As the winter season once again creeps upon us, we are at the mercy of the winds when it comes to the weather. From sleet and snow to ice storms and more, few times during the year are more dangerous when managing roadways. There is a solution when it comes to wintery driving conditions, however, through the use of sodium chloride in its mineral form. Also known as halite, it offers the winter solution we need to stay safe on the road.

What is Halite

Halite is basically the mineral name for what is more commonly known as salt. This mineral, when found primarily in rock form, is known as rock salt.

Understanding the Formation

The formation of this beneficial substance is common where ocean water evaporates. This is typically observed in arid environments. The reason this so naturally occurs is that, when ocean water evaporates in basin areas, large salt deposits inevitably form over the course of time due to the large content of salt in sea water. In certain areas where this type of deposit is highly susceptible, they can become very thick, sometimes reaching thousands of feet. Just a couple of the common areas where this mineral is found in abundance include:

  • The Great Salt Lake
  • The Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan

The Many Uses

While the most prevalent use of the mineral is to be crushed and used as road salt, there are many other useful applications. Humans and the majority of animal life require the consumption of salt to survive, and it’s commonly used to season food. It can also be used to cure and preserve foods for future consumption. Some other common uses for salt include:

  • Relief from stings, bites and poison ivy
  • Keeping windshield and windows free of frost
  • Cleaning various items found in the home and office
  • Deodorizing sneakers
  • And much more!

Safety First

Losing control of your vehicle during adverse weather conditions can be a terrifying experience. Sometimes, it can even prove fatal. Deicing salt provides a viable solution, and it’s the most commonly used deicing agent in the United States. By more thoroughly understanding its properties and uses, you can better implement this beneficial mineral for your own personal gain.

The roadways aren’t the only pavement impacted when bad weather strikes. You are also put at risk of slipping, falling, and sustaining injury on your property or place of business. In fact, you can even be held liable if someone else becomes injured as a result of incompatible walkways. We are here to provide those in the Baltimore and Washington area bulk aggregates to be used to make your sidewalks, private roadways and parking lots and more safe for use during the inclement weather conditions.

Same Day Salt

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