The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 4

15 Nov The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 4

This is the fourth and final post in The Rub series where we covered the salt business in the Baltimore Washington region.  In this final post we will focus on the demands of the marketplace in relation to deicing road salt products offered by companies in the region like Morton and Harvey Salt.  In addition, look for a future post about the history of the salt industry in Baltimore Maryland.

In part three of this series we took a closer look at how Harvey Salt has diversified its salt product line to meet the varied demands of the Baltimore Washington region.  Lets take a closer look specifically to the marketplace demand for deicing road salt.

Road Salt Demands

In past Same Day Blog posts we ventured into the reasons for deicing road salt.  Lets take another look at who are the primary demand side players in the regions salt game.  Clearly the largest buyers are the state DOT’s – with hundreds of thousands of miles of high way, one big winter storm can take out a big chunk of inventory.  While the vast storage capability of a states transportation system can accommodate massive supplies, others are not in the same position.

Take, for instance, any of the medium sized towns in the region.  While they have a large tax basis, they simply cannot supply a sufficient bulk of road salt to manage a series of winter storms (like we have seen in the past few years, remember this one?).  Whats a highway safety manager to do?  Well clearly, if they are in the Baltimore region, the would call a company like Harvey Salt, or dare we say Same Day Aggregates, wink.

Road Salt on Demand

We can compare aggregate companies in the same way we compared larger state highway systems to smaller towns in the region.  While some bulk salt suppliers can meet demand with adequate order lag time – winter weather often does not afford that luxury.

Forecasting future weather conditions is clearly a game left to the weather gang.  In any case, being prepared, as goes the old saying – Always be Prepared.  Top off your salt silos today while the sun shines.  AND when the next series of storms rolls through the region count on companies like Same Day Aggregates and yes, even Harvey Salt to help you keep traction and stay ahead of the weather.

In a Pinch

One last stab at salt humor, reread the header if you missed it.  Same Day Aggregates is in the position to help organizations of all sizes meet the planning stage and urgent on-demand call for bulk deicing road salt.  We are ready for your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  You can bet we are ready to help meet your needs.  Contact us today, or even right now and lets get your salt needs covered.