The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 3

04 Nov The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 3

This is the third of four posts covering the salt business in the Baltimore Washington region.  In this post we will focus on the areas of service and salt products offered by the regional marketplace.  In addition, look for a future post about the history of the salt industry in Baltimore Maryland.

As with most commodity business sectors (data storage, corn syrup and yes salt) diversifying offerings is essential to survive turns and trends.  The salt industry, deicing salt in particular, is not immune to fluctuations and innovation.

Diversification of Harvey Salt

Lets take a look at a few competing salt firms in the region – for simplicities sake, lets focus on Harvey Salt in Baltimore Maryland.  A quick browse of their product offerings shows that they really like to tackle inclement weather.  Helping commuters be solving the dreaded ice patch problem.

Harvey Salt is a great example of covering all the plates, with salt.  Harvey Salt offers: Ice Products, Water Treatment, Agricultural and Food Grade products.  That really does cover a lot of ground, and they have earned a solid reputation in the region a salt player.

Much in the same way Harvey Salt manages the salt industry, Same Day Aggregates manages the aggregates and construction materials industry.  We don’t claim to be the one and only in the salt game – that is for certain.  We do however consider our operation as a standout in the field.  Serving the region since 1999 we have a solid and trusted network the continues to expand with every delivery.

Deicing Road Salt in Bulk

When you find your self in a pinch – and need bulk road salt delivered all over the region to fill inventory look to Same Day.  We are confident that you we will not replace all of your various salt supplier needs – but when it comes to on-demand DOT compliant road salt we are the team of choice.

Contact Same Day Aggregates Salt team today – we are topping of salt bays throughout the region on a daily basis.  Call, email or complete a quote request today.

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