The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 2

05 Oct The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 2

This is the second of four posts covering the salt business in the Baltimore Washington region.  We will focus on the players in the space – competitive landscape, the areas of service, meeting the demands of the marketplace.  In addition, look for a future post about the history of the salt industry in Baltimore Maryland.

Lets jump in and lets review the competitive landscape in the road salt regions marketplace.  Competitors range in age, size and specialities and for this post we will consider the bulk deicing road salt and leave the speciality salt products for another post.

Salt Competition

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series there are companies large and small competing to meet the demands forced by severe winter storms.  And worth note, when the region is spared from treacherous ice and snow storms – demand wains and supply builds and companies that focus only on salt take a beating.  Check out this article that first appeared in the Baltimore Sun in February 2006.

Companies like Morton Salt, Cargill and even Harvey Salt have diversified their salt product offerings, clearly to be able to absorb fluctuations in road salt demand.  In a similar way Same Day Aggregates has spread its salt exposure by expanding into all forms of aggregate and aggregate delivery.

As you probably guessed it, the weather is the great equalizer on the competitive side.  A few fair winter weather seasons in a row and the marketplace for road salt will be thinned out.  So, what separates a company like Harvey Salt and Same Day Salt?  Good question.  For the most part, Harvey Salt serves the Baltimore Maryland region, while Same Day Salt casts a broader delivery net.

In addition, Harvey Salt offers a wide variety of salt products while at Same Day Salt we focus primarily on bulk deicing road salt.  Worth note, neither Harvey Salt or Same Day pose much of a threat to the table salt behemoth Morton Salt.

Bulk Salt Quotes

We could add a few table salt quips here, a dash or two “- -” perhaps…okay, that is what we call that salty humor!  In all seriousness, when you are in the market for bulk and wholesale level pricing contact Same Day Aggregates for your deicing salt needs.  Here is a link to our contact page…stay dry my friend.