The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 1

25 Sep The Rub – Salt in the Mid-Atlantic – Part 1

This is the first of four posts covering the salt business in the Baltimore Washington region.  We will focus on the players in the space – competitive landscape, the areas of service, meeting the demands of the marketplace.  In addition, look for a future post about the history of the salt industry in Baltimore Maryland.

First things first, lets review the players in the road salt regions marketplace.  Competitors range in age, size and specialities – the growth of alternative deicing solutions like liquid sodium chloride brine, to name one.  For this post we will take a quick snap shot of a few players.

The Salt Game

Unlike the stone quarry industry where location of the resource plays into the competitive landscape, salt can be mined and shipped from points around the globe.  As a port city Baltimore serves as a depot to support much of the mid atlantic region deicing road salt demand.

Some of the larger companies that serve the region include:

Morton Salt – based in Illinois with operations in Baltimore is a main stay in the salt game.  Clearly a leader – “Morton Salt is an American tradition, with roots that date back to 1848. The company has established itself as the trusted authority on salt based on consistent excellence and an evolving product line that continues to pass the test of time.”

Harvey Salt – a local company with deep ties in the salt and salt products sector – they tout “A friendly and helpful sales force representing over a hundred years experience in the Salt and related industries.  Just way.”

Cargill – a global player in the aggregate industry, Cargill “…mines, processes and transports bulk deicing salt to municipalities, government agencies and private commercial businesses across the country as a reliable bulk road salt supplier.”

Various other companies of age and size contend to satisfy the demand for deicing salt.  The three companies above, combined with Same Day Aggregates complete an industry spectrum.  While each of us can meet the demand of a heavy winter no single player can satisfy all the ice we anticipate.

Salt Here…

When you are considering a bulk DOT deicing salt supplier, contact Same Day Salt.  We serve with highest levels of professionalism and integrity – and hope to support your city, municipality, county and town with all your salt needs.

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