Sourcing Construction Materials

29 Jun Sourcing Construction Materials

Defining Supply Chain Management

Among the most important elements of creating comprehensive structures of construction material partners is the need to address supply chain management techniques.

In the early days of construction projects, the number of suppliers and choices for delivery of aggregates was relatively limited. With access to hi-tech communication resources like the internet and sophisticated inventory control software, the job of choosing suppliers became far less error-prone.

What remained of creating the best supply chain management technique for construction remains a factor today: the link between timeliness, cost-effective supplies and negotiable suppliers as construction material partners.

Leveraging Construction Material Partners

Inventory control and accounting software modules allow those in the construction industry to form true “pictures” of costs related to supplies and delivery of aggregates and actual and projected expenditures. The missing link in this is selecting suppliers. This takes direct communication to establish customer to supplier relationships to determine the most advantages suppliers for procurement processes.

Leveraging construction materials partners requires study, time and initiative to develop the perfect balance. For example, a construction company that regularly provides design and installation of concrete foundations for structures needs to insure construction material partners understand the standard demands on project completion time.

Choose aggregate suppliers that provide other construction supplies like asphalt, quarry rock and stone, which may later be required to complete the construction project. These types of multi-product suppliers may also fill construction project orders that require sand, marble or limestone. Questions to consider when choosing sources for construction materials include:

. Does the supplier offer competitive pricing?
. Can the supplier reliably provide timely deliveries of supplies?
. Will the supplier offer “good will” or OEM supplier discounts as customer appreciation?
. Does the supplier have a reputation for highest quality aggregates?

Not By Brand Alone

Choose construction materials partners based on reputation rather than brand. The reason for this is that many times brand reputation can become diluted as a result of compromising quality where profit is concerned. Study the experience and prior construction projects supplied by construction materials partners. Try to create a materials partner “network” by linking one or more construction materials partners. For example: a construction aggregate partner who often relies on suppliers of non-aggregate construction materials. The concrete partner may have resourceful links to steel fabricators or various piping materials partners who will offer the same pricing and discounts for construction material supplies.

A Reliable Construction Materials Partner Network

In the construction industry, material suppliers (like Same-Day Aggregates) stand out for their ability for sourcing construction materials and provide managers, GC and subCs, with highest quality supplies. Timely delivery of supplies to construction projects means projects remain within budget and there are no costly delays that hamstring construction crews and work.