Sodium Chloride or Road Salt

15 Nov Sodium Chloride or Road Salt

What Is Sodium Chloride And Why Is It Used To Deice Roads?

Sodium chloride or road salt is used to deice roads and prevent water from freezing and creating slippery conditions. What is road salt and why is it so effective in melting ice and keeping roads clear? Where does it come from and how is it delivered to cities and towns? This blog answers these questions about road salt.

The Origin And Composition Of Road Salt

Road salt originates from mines deep within the earth, where it is mined in large quantities. Sodium chloride refers to the chemical composition of the road salt. The elements sodium and chlorine combine together to form the salt that we use to melt ice. In addition to sodium and chloride, road salt may have other minerals and compounds within it which may give it a unique color such as pink, brown or black. Road salt is similar in composition to table salt that we use on foods, but there is one major difference. Table salt has chemicals removed during the process and is a pure product. Road salt, on the other hand is not processed to remove inedible chemicals. It also has anti-caking agents added to it, so it does not lump together. This makes it easier for trucks to load the salt and spread it out on roads.

The Melting Power Of Sodium Chloride Explained

Road salt is used to deice roads because it lowers the freezing point of water. By spreading salt onto the roads you prevent water from turning into ice. Any ice that comes into contact with the salt will melt. Road salt can also be mixed with sand and other chemicals to provide better traction or for more melting power.

The Journey Of Road Salt

After it is mined, road salt must be delivered to cities and towns where it is needed for the winter. Wholesale road salt may travel extremely long distances and goes through several different stops before it is finally loaded onto a salt truck and spread out onto an icy road. Depending on the location of the mine, road salt may travel by train, barge or truck to its point of destination. Many cities import road salt from overseas, where it is unloaded at terminals. Trucks then distribute the road salt to cities and towns from the terminal. Some mines transport their salt by way of train to major wholesale road salt storehouses. From there the salt is transported by trucks to municipalities that need them. At the actual city, road salt is stored in sheds or warehouses. When it begins to snow or freezing weather is forecast, salt trucks go to these salt depots in their city to load up on salt.

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