Road Salt in Baltimore MD

07 Dec Road Salt in Baltimore MD

The use of deicing chemicals is a necessity in maintaining clear pavements under snow and ice conditions. Salt, or sodium chloride, is widely observed as the most effective method for deicing highways. Salt, the most commonly used deicing chemical, is spread in the United States at a rate of approximately 10 million tons each year.  Here is a brief view of the story of road salt in Baltimore MD, it uses and suppliers.

Prior to the 1940s, highway departments kept roadways open by plowing and with the use of abrasives, such as sand and cinders, after winter storms. During that period, salt was an additive primarily used to prevent sand piles from freezing. The need for expanding highway systems was necessary to the public and national economy after World War II, causing the use of deicing salt to soar.

The concept of bare pavement soon became a policy in most areas, causing the use of deicing salt to double every 5 years during the 1950s and 1960s. Growth from 1 million tons of salt used for deicing in 1955 rose steadily to approximately 10 million tons in less than 15 years. The rapidly increasing road salt use in the 1950s and 1960s began to taper off in the 1970s to the approximate 10 million tons used today, as most agencies had completed the conversion of replacing abrasives with salt.

Current Salt Demand in the Mid-Atlantic

Regions that account for the most salt usage include states in the Great Lakes, New England, and the Middle Atlantic. Together, these regions account for greater than 85 percent of the nation’s deicing salt use. The percentage of use in each region consists of:

  • High Middle Atlantic – 25%
  • Low Middle Atlantic – 10%
  • New England – 15%
  • Great Lakes – 35%

Working with Trusted Partners to meet the Demand for Salt

We recognize Morton Salt and Harvey Salt CO as two winter maintenance partners that can be relied on in the Mid-Atlantic region to maintain our supply of DOT salt, road salt, and deicing salt as well as a variety of other salt products.

Established in Maryland in 1961, Harvey Salt CO is one of the leading providers in the salt industry offering customers options for bulk salt. They are represented by friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives that have over 100 years of experience. Their Maryland warehouse is over 65,000 square feet so we can rely on them to have a variety of products available in any quantity. The company owns and operates over fifty-five tractors, truck, and trailers to ensure expedited delivery to customers in need.

After more than 160 years in business, Morton still remains as a leading salt provider in North America. The company was initially established in Chicago in 1848 and became incorporated as the Morton Salt Company in 1910 and were already highly regarded as both a merchant and manufacturer of salt. Morton is a large supplier of salt in bulk quantities to all types of customers including:

  • Government agencies;
  • Municipalities;
  • State departments of transportation, and
  • Roadway maintenance contractors

Crews at Morton prepare for the winter all year long as they mine and stockpile salt throughout the year. They utilize a broad network to deliver products based on customer’s needs such as vessel, rail, barge or truck.

Same Day Salt

Our strong relationship with these distributors in the salt industry make it possible for us to deliver wholesale road salt at any time, even when deadlines and supplies are tight. With winter weather approaching customers can rely on us for same-day delivery of supplies and the top-line equipment necessary to provide expedited services to move mountains of salt to any location.

Phone: 202.930.3090 to learn more about our on demand Same Day Salt services.