Permeable Paving

05 Jan Permeable Paving

How Does Permeable Paving Help You?

One of the most frequent questions we get from clients is: What is permeable paving? Why is it so good for us? Is it really as eco-friendly as supporters say it is? Well, we can proudly say that this is as true as somebody saying that the sky is blue.

Permeable Paving Design

Permeable paving specifically refers to a special material and accompanying techniques that has gained a lot of traction in infrastructure across all different types of sectors. Primarily used in road building, it can also be found in places ranging from commercial parking lots to residential driveways and sidewalks. What makes it so special is the fact that, unlike regular pavement, rainwater does not roll off to the side, thereby causing gradual breakdown of the pavement. Rather, it seeps through the concrete and flows away underneath the foundation.

This unique design mechanism carries with it all sorts of benefits. The primary, and most important, one is that it slows the gradual decay of a concrete surface that leads to road disrepair. It also slows the formation of potholes as a result of icy weather–something that is very useful here in Baltimore–and even gives tree roots room to expand, thereby assisting a city with beautification efforts.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Extremely eco-friendly, this type of pavement is the go-to material for cities trying to be more in tune with the world around them. In addition to helping trees grow, it is also composed of glass for the most part with only a small amount of oil being required to keep the road together. The runoff of snow and rain is also cleaner, thereby allowing a business or city to keep the water it collects and recycle it for commercial purposes.

Some other strong ecological benefits of this type of pavement include:
• Easier repair and replacement in the event of damage, as it requires fewer materials.
• Material versatility. Experiments are being carried out that allow the surface to be constructed of many stronger materials including resin and plastic.
• Longevity. When taken care of right, this paving substance can easily outlast traditional asphalt.

Same Day Environmental

So if you think that permeable pavement might be for you, be sure to give us a call! We are one of the largest material aggregates in the Mid-Atlantic region and are willing to work with you on updating your parking lot, sidewalk, or residential street.  Contact SDA today to learn more about our aggregate solutions.