Geocell Soil Stabilization

08 Mar Geocell Soil Stabilization

Geocell Soil Stabilization consists of honeycomb-shaped cells that contain polyethylene. The cells can vary in size and even be filled with various compact materials. Aggregates, soils and concrete can be added to these grids. The cost-effective approach to managing erosion control fulfills multiple functional objectives simultaneously.

What is soil stabilization?

Soil is subject to uncontrollable movement due to gravity. Slopes can develop quickly or gradually over time. Depending on the angle, climate, and other conditions, the slope can contribute to the rate of erosion. Soil stabilization with Geocell gravel or geocell fill dirt curbs erosion activity.

Overview of methods used to prevent soil stabilization

1. Cement stabilization is a low-cost way but is labor intensive. This method isn’t as environmentally friendly as other alternatives.
2. Lime stabilization is also cost-effective and can be used to kill toxic runoff. Groundwater supply can compromised with this method.
3. Chemical stabilization has broad environmental implications and can be costly.
4. Polymer stabilization consists of polymers and a range of fill materials. The cost-effective method requires far less labor during the installation phase.

Various applications for soil stabilization systems

Geocell gravel available is a light weight solution that is comprised of glass aggregate materials. Geocell fill dirt balances the load and consists soil composite materials. The systems are primarily used to protect against undesirable erosion activity. These solutions can be used to supplement existing insulation efforts. Solutions can insulate underground pipeline. Used for road construction projects, landscaping and green roofing, the versatile fill solution can serve as backfill and an insulating mechanism in addition to support erosion control efforts. Designed to protect soil facing various erosion challenges, the solution mitigates erosion risks while creating an environment conducive to growth.

Common applications for solutions

• Water drains freely through the permeable systems
• Installation is performed with minimal labor and equipment requirements
• Local fill options expanded with choice of materials selected
• Chances of rutting and shifting are minimize with durable cellular components
• Heavier loads can improve the load bearing performance
• Fill quantity is dramatically lowered since fewer materials are required given the density, capacity and expansion capabilities

Benefits of cellular soil stabilization

There are numerous advantages to using the Geocell stabilization solutions. Their ability to expand while increasing load bearing capacity, the solution can reduce resources required for the typical backfill project. Once applied to the site, the system eliminates shifting where rutting a potential problem. Solutions can support the heavy loads and improve the bearing capacity. Labor costs are reduced during the installation process can be done without crews or equipment. Installations protect against erosion by limiting the spread of poor quality water containing higher levels of sediment that can diminish soil quality. The erosion control systems also protect the soil from erosion threats, permitting new vegetation to grow.

How it promotes soil stabilization

The system consists of cell walls that provide access to water, nutrients, and air. The geotextile contains compacted soil that expands within the cells to match dimensional requirements. The lightweight system installed mitigates erosion risks, reducing waste, environment, and lowers construction costs. Infill materials can be selected based on performance or budgetary requirements.Erosion is a very real threat. Agricultural activity, hostile weather conditions, and construction projects elevates erosion risks to an area. Cellular confinement systems are versatile and suitable for use in limiting erosion, strengthening insulation, promoting improved soil quality, and supporting vegetation.

Aggregate integration

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