Deicing Road Salt

31 Oct Deicing Road Salt

Deicing Mid-Atlantic Highways and Roads

Driving on snow and ice is an art that few master with experience. No matter how skilled a driver may be, sliding across a busy four-lane street in a major metropolitan city can be an unnerving experience. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), motor vehicle crashes may commonly occur during snow storms that cause highways and roads to freeze into ice. Our company, Same Day Aggregates, a wholesale bulk supplier, offers deicing road salt that saves lives and minimizes employee work cancellations when bad weather hits.

Following severe storms we provide quality DOT road salt that creates traction for driving safety and convenience. We pave the way for workers, family members, emergency medical personnel, nurses, doctors, law enforcement and fire safety workers to reach their destinations in safely and securely. We provide bulk salt delivery at competitive prices.

Road Salt applications to Highways and Roads

Salt is effective in depressing the freeze point of ice and subsequently melting it. Approximately 10 million tons of road salt is spread yearly on United States highways. Before and after winter storms, road studies show premium deicing salt can reduce traffic accidents by 85 percent. This type of specialized salt is distributed on highways and city streets with high traffic volume.

Deicing road salt is primarily used in Middle Atlantic, Great Lakes and New England states at a total of 85%. Of that number, 35% is used in Mid-Atlantic States where area salt application guidelines uses 300 to 500 pounds of sale per lane on state highways. The average amount of salt dispersed per ton, per lane, on Mid-Atlantic highways is as follows: Maryland – 7.1 tons; New Jersey – 6.7 tons; New York 16.6 tons; Virginia 3.0 tons; Delaware – 9.0 tons; and West Virginia – 6.3 tons.

Steps in deicing roadways in light, moderate or heavy sleet, dry snow or wet snow.

1. Ensure roads are plowed free from snow.
2. Pre-wet initial salt application.
3. Pre-treat roadway with Calcium Chloride, about 20-30 gallons per road lane.
4. Pre-wet salt with Calcium Chloride.
5. Pave roadways with salt using industrial commercial machinery.
6. Initial application is to plow and apply and reapply salt as needed.
7. Monitor pavement temperature

Advantages of Deicing Highways and Roads

The benefits of deicing roads with quality road salt surpass any other alternatives.
• Minimal disruptions in trucking and commercial traffic.
• Reduced losses in workforce productivity and wages due to absent and late workers.
• Emergency services are uninterrupted.
• Road salt lowers the freezing point of water, keeping it a liquid.
• Makes roads passable, thus reducing city costs.
• Breaks the bond of ice to road surfaces.

Delivering Quality Service

Same Day Aggregates is a wholesale bulk supplier that sells tons of road salt to businesses, corporations and local municipalities. We offer quality service at a competitive price. Contact SDA today!

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