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05 Nov Crushed Stone

Blue Stone and More

There is nothing more beautiful than a crushed stone walkway or other addition to a home or business. One of the most popular is bluestone, which emits the feeling of luxury and splendor. We, at Same Day Aggregates are proud to offer a variety of options to improve the quality and finishing appearance of your properties and construction sites.

Bluestone is well known for its durability and retention of color. The best-known variety is a type of sandstone, which is produced in New York and Pennsylvania quarries. It was first discovered in New York and was named bluestone because of its beautiful deep blue color.

This type of stone is also available in other colors including gray, green, brown, purples and reds. It can be cut a number of different ways from a natural “broken stone” appearance to a highly refined look. Typical types of bluestone are:

  • Tumbled Bluestone: uniform and rustic
  • Natural Cleft Bluestone: hand-cut for a natural look, various thickness, rough surface
  • Irregular Bluestone: broken during quarrying often used in mosaic patterns
  • Thermaled Bluestone: uniform shapes and sizes with a smooth top

Geologic Glimpse of Bluestone

Bluestone will be found in abundance in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia where a bed of limestone was formed long ago. It is formed in deep water where sunshine cannot penetrate and then compressed by forces of nature into a solid bed. Starting with the first Shenandoah Valley settlers in 1745, it was used extensively as a building material. Currently it can be found everywhere in Virginia’s classic homes, signature buildings, driveways and parking lots. People in that area often dig up the stone when they are working in their garden or doing excavations.

Applications of Blue Stone

Crushed bluestone is an excellent choice for a patio. It can support the heavy weight of patio furniture, is easy to clean and maintains its beauty in all types of weather. In addition, it is inexpensive, easily contained within specific borders and provides excellent traction when wet. Added attractions are that it repels weeds and allows water to soak through to the ground, which prevents erosion of the area.

Bluestone gravel comes in a wide variety of sizes. This provides an opportunity to choose the exact type and size of gravel you feel will best extend the beauty of the property. We are dedicated to presenting a variety of options for driveways, sidewalks, paths, decorative lawn designs or any other location where it can enhance the overall appearance of the location.

Builders gravel comes in a wide variety of materials, which includes crushed stone, bluestone and a number of different rock sizes and colors. This offers a home or business owner a chance to pick the best rock to fit their situation.

Rock is something that will not only last for years but also will enhance any property by giving it a clean and modern look. Whether using bluestone for a patio, path or other options it will present an attractive appearance to any business or home. In addition, this kind of construction will add value to the property.

There are a wide number of choices available when deciding to install or replace things such as a driveway, patio, building trim or other construction. This makes it important to choose the proper builder and materials to obtain the best results available.

Blue Stone on Demand

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