Bulk Mulch Options

17 Feb Bulk Mulch Options

Designing and landscaping with bulk mulch is a year round experience for commercial property managers in the Mid Atlantic region. In this post we will discuss various ground covers and bulk mulch options available to spruce up rental projects and other business enterprises:

Pebble Mulch

Is anything more perfect and inviting than a natural pebble pathway that leads to a private garden sanctuary? A cup of tea with a valued friend in this setting opens space for a relaxing meditation and even some well-deserved healing of the spirit. Choose your stones well.

Pea gravel is smaller variations of crushed and rounded stones. Durable and long lasting, this stone is a classic. The multitude of changing colors and patterns make it a rock garden favorite.

Order bulk mulch by the cubic yard from a landscaper’s garden center and enjoy the truckload savings; furthermore, application is easy with these successful rules of measurement:

  • 1-2 inches for a perennial bed
  • 3-4 inches on top of tree roots

Applying the correct depth allows the air and rainwater to reach the roots. Plants need to breathe too. Scatter new stones over the old to refresh the bed after a few years.

Rock Mulch

Perennial plants benefit from this ground covering that is composed of medium to large-size rocks. Because they are bigger, they cover more space; therefore, a pre-constructed trench aids in controlling the selection.

An added luxury is the daytime sunshine that warms the larger rocks. The stored heat is released during the cooler night hours; ultimately, any flower bed profits from a warmer micro-climate. The customer is always a winner.

Larger stone works to reduce soil erosion. This is the screened mulch that is visible along water run-off areas alongside newly constructed roads. Because it is multi-patterned and shaded, its many uses display beauty anywhere. Whether along a shady lane or in a rose garden, the artistic beauty of nature never fails to please the beholder.

Wood Chips

This is one of the most popular earth-friendly mulches. It is a miracle soil covering that is made from chipped tree branches and shrub debris. The wood pieces retain rainwater after a storm, and their porous condition prevents puddles and swampy areas. Dry days bring a release of stored water from the mulch.

This covering, also, breaks down fast and adds nutrients to the soil. Before adding new mulch, stir up the older decomposing particles to aid in the natural composting process. The mulched space that is layered primarily for its beauty actually provides hidden added benefits in abundance:

  • The soil becomes more loose and friable.
  • The area resists compaction.
  • The beauty in patterns becomes an artist’s palette.
  • It provides insulation and protects plants from fluctuating temperatures.
  • Ground cover anchors the soil, and it aids in keeping it from becoming airborne. Remember the dust bowl?

Appropriate mulch applications provide multiple earth-friendly gifts to the soil. Decomposing organic materials supply food and nourishment to organisms that live and reproduce in the earth, and they encourage invitations to earthworms. In their navigations they cultivate and further nourish the living earth with their fecal castings.

Shredded Bark

The classic dark brown pieces of this commercial mulch material offer the potential to return a garden path to a reclaimed forest floor. The appearance and texture is popular in shade or sun gardens; consequently, it is affordable.Placed in a children’s play area, it is safe and soft for children to bounce and jump without injury. No more scratched knees from blacktop. Rainwater drains well through this product; thereby, keeping the area free from puddles, and it’s an effective weed control measure.

Our various types of mulches are available today in Baltimore and Washington locations. We’re just a phone call away. Our expert guidance has the power to turn a drab surrounding into an oasis of comfort. Call us today.

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