Area Calculation Formulas for Aggregates

23 Nov Area Calculation Formulas for Aggregates

With the proliferation of automated area calculators the team at Same Day Aggregates thought it useful to share the actual formulas for the benefit of the curious.  Here are a few area calculation formulas for aggregates.

There are hundreds of online aggregate calculators available to construction managers to help determine need and bulk orders.  With the proliferation of gravel calculators and other tools used to simplify construction material management we thought to share the basic logic and formulas that drive the online calculators.

Area Formulas

Area of a Rectangle or Square
Length X Width

Area of a Right Triangle
(Length X Width) ÷ 2

Area of a Circle
(1/2 diameter X 1/2 diameter) X 3.14

Area of an Oval
(1/2 of Length) X (1/2 of Width) X 3.14

Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards:  Cubic Feet ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards

On Demand Bulk Aggregates

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