#57 Bluestone Gravel Applications

09 Sep #57 Bluestone Gravel Applications


#57 Bluestone Gravel Applications are great and varied.  Let’s start with a quick description.  It is gray gravel tinged with blue is how 57 bluestone gravel appears close up, and it makes a clean-looking driveway or garden border in a residential setting. 57 bluestone is the size of an imaginary coin between a quarter and a nickel, and it helps keep dirt on the ground and out of the house.


Other #57 bluestone applications include walkways around homes and pathways through wooded areas or large floral gardens. Swimming-pool landscaping and pond borders are other places that #57 bluestone is often seen, and it can be used as a form of mulch around some plantings. A raised deck often has #57 bluestone gravel underneath it to maintain a clean, finished appearance.


#57 bluestone gravel is also used to cover large-expanse driving and parking areas, especially for particular design plans. A historic area with a specific need for accuracy or a period look may need this type of gravel. Blacktop would not be appropriate in every setting, especially in older historic sites. This type of gravel even has a cooler appearance in regard to heat, and we know how blacktop fares in that respect.


Patios take on a new feel when made with this gravel. It presents a calm, restful slate for any patio design. It looks great in sun or shade, and mixed with brick or wood, it is very appealing.

Even a small, round circle of gravel with a couple of snazzy outdoor chairs looks like a lovely retreat and has a “cool” factor for almost any design. Large, flat, block stones in or around the gravel adds dash or sophistication for not much money.Gravel steps or tiered levels separated with large railroad ties are not so difficult to make, but get a lot of “oohs and aahs” from guests. Build this kind of path through a garden full of flowers and shrubs and rake in the kudos.

Let’s not forget about the fire pit. Surrounded by this blue gravel, it’s a safe place to have a fire and it looks like a professional job. Border that area with larger, roundish stones, and voila, it’s done. Better yet, call the landscaper and let him or her order up the gravel and create the outdoor space of your dreams. There are many 57 bluestone applications waiting for your ideas.


 We have said it before, and worth a mention.  In most small backyard projects the big box retailers are your best choice to meet your needs.  However, when the scope of the project requires truck loads of #57 Bluestone or any other type of aggregate – Same Day is a willing partner.  Contact SDA to learn more about rush aggregate delivery – even same day!